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Library Policies

This private internal guide is for Darling Library Staff reference. These library policies inform the practices of the Darling Library of Hope International University.


Reserve materials are generally reserved for and restricted to a specific purpose or population. Tighter controls are necessary to provide fair access to high demand materials.


Who may use items on Reserve at the Darling Library?

Reserve materials are generally restricted to HIU student use.

Course Reserves

Professors may put items on reserve for students in their courses when there is a limited number of copies available. Students must ask for these materials at the Circulation Desk and are limited to in-library use only. When the course is over, library books go back in the main stacks and personal copies are returned to faculty.

Overdue fines accrue by the hour.

Permanent Reserve

Permanent Reserve materials such as Biblical Interlinears, Lexicons, and other Tools for Literary Exegesis and Analysis are always on Reserve due to their high demand. These heavily used expensive resources are carefully shared among the large numbers of students who need to use them.

Overdue fines accrue by the hour.