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Chicago/Turabian/SBL Style Guide (Notes-Bibliography)

Guide to using the Chicago/Turabian and SBL style manuals.

Websites - Turabian 9, 17.5.1

In general, try to include the following:

  • author
  • title of the page (in quotation marks)
  • title of the site
  • owner or sponsor of the site (if not the same as the title)
  • and a publication or revision date
  • URL as the last element

For a frequently updated source (such as a wiki, news site, or social media) record a time stamp if the source includes one. If none given, include an access date.

Articles from news websites can usually be cited like articles in a newspaper.

Blog Posts - Turabian 9, 17.5.2

  • Cite the same as an article in a newspaper of magazine.
  • Title of post in quotation marks.
  • Title of blog in italics
  • put "blog" in parentheses after title of the blog
  • Usually only needed in footnotes, but if critical to your argument, then include in the bibliography