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Chicago/Turabian/SBL Style Guide (Notes-Bibliography)

Guide to using the Chicago/Turabian and SBL style manuals.

Margins, Fonts, and Indents - Turabian 9, A.1 General Format Requirements


1" margins on all sides.

Exceptions (in instructions by professor)

  • 1.5" left margin and .5" right margin - used for binding a document.
  • 2" margin on one side - for instructor comments on a rough draft
  • An easily readable typeface (Times New Romans or Arial)
  • At least ten-point Arial or twelve-point Times New Roman
  • Same font and size throughout paper, unless specified by instructor

1/2" indentation used at beginning of paragraph, use <Tab>

Title Page Format - Turabian 9, A.2.1.2

Place the title a third of the way down, centered. If the paper has a main title and subtitle, place main title on one line, followed by a colon, and put the subtitle on a new line. Several lines below the title place your name, along with any information requested by the instructor (often course title, department name and number, and the date).

Spacing - Turabian 9, A.1 General Format Requirements


Double space. No extra line between paragraphs.

Exceptions are: block quotations, table titles and figure captions, and lists in appendixes

Reference Page and Footnotes

Single space, with one blank line between entries

Block Quotations

Single space quotation

Block Quotations - Turabian 9, 25.2.2 Block Quotations

  • Five or more lines create a block quotation
  • Single-space a block quotation
  • leave a blank line before and after quotation
  • No quotation marks at either end of the block quotations, but keep any original quotation marks
  • indent the entire block the same 1/2 inch as the first line of a paragraph
  • If you cite the source in a footnote, place the note as a superscript at the end of the block quotation, after the punctuation

Page Number Placement - Turabian 9, A.1.4.2 Placement

Page numbers are placed in one of four places. The important thing is to be consistent and follow your instructions.

  • Centered in the footer
  • Flush right in the footer
  • Centered in the header
  • Flush right in the header

In all cases, at least 1/2 inch from the edge of the page.

Levels of Headings - Levels of Headings - Turabian 9, A.2.2.4 Sections and Subsections

First Level: Centered, Boldface or Italics, Capitalize Each Word (Title Case)

Second Level: Centered, Regular Type, Capitalize Each Word (Title Case)

Third Level: Flush Left, Boldface or Italics, Capitalize Each Word (Title Case)

Fourth Level: Flush left, regular type, sentence-style capitalization

Fifth Level: run in at the beginning of paragraph (no blank line after), boldface or italics, sentence-style capitalization, terminal period [think of this as an intro sentence to the paragraph that just happens to be in boldface or italics].