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Chicago/Turabian/SBL Style Guide (Notes-Bibliography)

Guide to using the Chicago/Turabian and SBL style manuals.

Format of the Refence Page - Turabian 9, 16.2 Bibliographies

Arrangement of Entries

  • Alphabetical by author or editor, whoever is first in each entry.
  • If two or more works are by the same author or editor, then arrange them by author/editor, then by title (ignoring articles like a, an. or the).
  • Compound last names are alphabetized by the first part of the compound.

Sources That May Be Omitted (but should appear in footnotes with complete bibliographic notation)

  • newspaper articles
  • blog posts, social media, and interviews and personal communication
  • the Bible and other sacred works
  • well-known reference works, such a major dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • classical, medieval, and early English literary works

Format of Entry in Bibliography - Turabian 9, 16.1

  • general entry - Author, Title, and facts of publication.
  • First author's name is presented last name, comma, space, and then first name.
  • Bibliographies do not include page numbers, except for articles in periodicals and chapters in books
  • Elements in bibliographies are separated by periods.
  • Titles are capitalized in headline style (also called title case)