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Handbook for Patrons: Student - Circ Policies

Coverage of our policies, procedures, and general information about the Hugh & Hazel Darling Library


HIU students include:

  • Traditional Undergraduates (TUG) - meeting on campus 
  • Online Undergraduates (OUG) - attend HIU classes online.
  • Graduate (GRD) - attend online or on campus.


students meeting on campus are automatically uploaded at the beginning of each semester.

Acceptable ID:

Students must present their HIU ID card to borrow books and videos.

Summary of Student Privileges


In the Library

Remote use


(See Group Definitions)



(Patron Type)

Default Exp.



Max Books


IC Computer Use



Database  Access

HIU Students



May of current academic year






( login)


( login)


( login)

** Manually created w/ form (Jennifer, Steve, or Amanda)

*Activation of WMS account (HIU ID#) is required for these services. HOW TO:

Main Circulation

Items that may be checked out of the library are shelved in the Main stacks on the first floor of the library.

Circulation period: 

  • 30 days for books
  • 7 days for videos


A courtesy reminder email is sent three days prior to the due date. See Notifications tab for more information.

Overdue fines:

A fine of 25 cents is assessed per book each day after the due date. See Fines tab for more information. 


Reserve Items are restricted to HIU student use and shelved behind the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library. Reserve items must stay inside the library.

Number of items:

Students may check out up to 20 items at any one time (Main and Reserves combined). 

Circulation period:

4 hours unless otherwise noted.


Overdue notices will be sent to the patron's HIU email address.

Overdue fines:

A fine of 25 cents per hour is assessed per item past the due time. See Fines tab for more information. 


Reserve items may not be renewed. 

Non-Circulating Items

Items that may not be checked out:

  • Reference Books
  • Periodicals, journals, magazines (print)
  • Archive materials

Reference books and print periodicals may be used in the library. Photocopying and scanning is permitted within copyright laws.

Archives materials may only be used with prior arrangement, permission, and under supervision of a librarian.


Fines: Overdue fines, replacement costs, and processing fees
Overdue fines

Main (books and videos): 25 cents for each item per day.
Reserve items: 25 cents for each item per hour or any fraction of an hour overdue.
A maximum of $10 is accrued for any overdue item.

Lost books

A flat replacement cost of $50 is charged for each overdue book. This charge is waived upon the item's return.
A $10 processing fee is assessed for lost or damaged books. This charge is waived upon the item's return.

Overdue fines accrued for the item.
Maximum: Patrons who have accrued $10.00 in fines or fees are automatically blocked from checking out items from the library.


Fines and fees may be paid

  • in cash in the library.
  • by credit card in the Business Office with a form obtained at the library's Circulation Desk.

Graduation Clearance:

Library patron accounts must be cleared of any outstanding fines, fees, or overdue items before being cleared for graduation.


Notifications from the Library
An HIU email address is required for students to be registered as library patrons. This email address is used for all library notifications, including:

Courtesy notices of upcoming due date.

  • Overdue notices
  • InterLibrary Loans
  • Confirmation of Holds and Renewals