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Faculty Guide

Guide to effectively using library resources and services at HIU.

Research Award: Award Description

The ACL Research Award, first given in 2007, provides CLC member institutions the opportunity to accomplish the following:

  • Honor great student researchers
  • Get the word out about ACL to the academic institution
  • Create a library presence at an academic awards ceremony at CLC member schools

The award is a printed certificate with the ACL logo. Individuals are nominated by library director or staff at CLC member institutions. Annually each institution may nominate a student at each degree level (Associate, Bachelors, Graduate) to receive the award presented at an academic awards ceremony. In lieu of an official institutional ceremony, the library may initiate the research award presentation. This certificate will be mailed to the nominating library staff member, along with a brief paragraph about ACL to be read at the ceremony. It is up to the nominating librarian if the printed certificate is framed and/or accompanied by a monetary or tangible gift. Those receiving the award may be featured in TCL and on the ACL website.

Requirements for nominees:

  • Must excel in research
  • Must be in last year of study (Associate, Bachelors, Graduate degrees)
  • Must display outstanding characteristics
  • Must demonstrate record of leadership, ability, and Christian character
  • Must receive institutional faculty approval

Nomination Form

Rubric Used by Library (When multiple nominations are made)