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Faculty Guide

Guide to effectively using library resources and services at HIU.

List of Current AI Checkers (8/23)

The University also uses TurnItIn. TurnItIn has a built in originality checker and an AI detector. As an instructor you need to enable those items in Canvas

You may detect it yourself.

Look for the following:

  • perfect spelling
  • no contractions
  • good grammar
  • few, if any in-text citations
  • boring formulaic writing (the most common word choice and most common answers)
  • all sentences tend to be declarative. No rhetorical sentences in the text.
  • repetition
  • conclusion that begins "in conclusion" or "in summary"
  • missing reference page
  • few citations
  • citations to made-up books and articles (yes, AI makes them up)

To watch for (possible false positives):

  • formulaic writing will be tagged as AI
  • English language learners will often be tagged because they are writing generic 5 paragraph essays AND using translation tools
  • use of a translation tool (Google Translate and such)
  • students that "correct" all their grammar and spelling "errors" with Word or Grammarly (perfect spelling and grammar are marks of AI)