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Faculty Guide

Guide to effectively using library resources and services at HIU.

List of Current AI Checkers (2/24) - some are free to use

The University also uses TurnItIn. TurnItIn has a built in originality checker and an AI detector. As an instructor you need to enable those items in Canvas

A Website Devoted to AI Detectors

A curated list of AI detectors. Use the filters to search by content type (word, voice, image, etc.) or by cost (free, free trial, freemium, or paid).

You may detect it yourself.

Look for the following:

  • perfect spelling
  • no contractions
  • good grammar
  • few, if any in-text citations
  • boring formulaic writing (the most common word choice and most common answers)
  • all sentences tend to be declarative. No rhetorical questions in the text.
  • repetition
  • conclusion that begins "in conclusion" or "in summary"
  • missing reference page
  • few citations
  • citations to made-up books and articles (yes, several AIs make up citations)

** Caution: There are now AIs that "humanize" an AI produced writing. The second AI changes the style, grammar, and such. It can change it enough that the writing is no longer boring and perfect, but almost human.

To watch for (possible false positives):

  • formulaic writing will be tagged as AI
  • English language learners will often be tagged because they are writing generic 5 paragraph essays AND using translation tools
  • use of a translation tool (Google Translate and such)
  • students that "correct" all their grammar and spelling "errors" with Word, Google Docs (with Duet), or Grammarly (perfect spelling and grammar are marks of AI)