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Faculty Publications, Scholarship, and Academic Activity: Home

A site devoted to listing all the faculty publications.

Faculty Scholarship Form

This guide, and the form, is meant to record and present all faculty scholarship (publications, presentations, podcasts, etc) and academic activities (journal editor, peer reviewer, committee membership, etc.). If you are a faculty member, please check to make sure we have all of you scholarship up to date. If there is something missing from your list of publications, please fill out this form:

Welcome Faculty, Staff, and Students!

Faculty members are an invaluable resource to our learning and growth.  Hope International University's faculty engages in a number of research activities throughout the year. By consulting with your colleagues, you benefit from their insights and experiences. The purpose of this guide is to highlight the work of our faculty.

This guide is designed to connect prospective or current students, faculty, staff, and all interested in completing a possible graduate program at Hope International University to search for faculty publications.  We have compiled a list of faculty scholarship that we hope will be helpful to many of you.


Note the guide is divided into tabs.  Please use the alphabetical links to locate faculty members by last name and to be able to browse lists of their own selected publications.  For example, if you want to know where you may find publications of "Cho, Joseph," then you would click the tab titled "C." 

If you know of other publications from our faculty members, please send them the link to the form, found above.


Thank you!