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Faculty Publications, Scholarship, and Academic Activity: A

A site devoted to listing all the faculty publications.

Paul Alexander, Ph.D.


Paul H. Alexander

University President; Professor of Psychology & Counseling

  • Locus of Control and Conflict Management: An Examination of the Relationship Between Locus of Control and Conflict Avoidance Among a Local Church Staff. Published as a part of online journal at Regent University.
  • Dissertation: Professor as Leader of Students' Faith Development: An Examination of the Relationship Between a Professor's Willingness to Share Personal Faith Information and Changes in Students' Faith Maturation.

Brian Albright, Business and Management


Brian Albright

Adjunct Professor of Business and Management

  • Albright, Brian. 2015. “When Business is the Mission: Spiritual and Social Outcomes of Faith-Based Social Business in Sub-Saharan Africa”. William Carey International Development Journal, Vol 4, Issue 1: Spring.
  • Albright, Brian, Min-Dong Paul Lee and Steve Rundle. 2014. “Scholars Needed: The Current State of Business as Mission Research.” BAM Scholarship and Research Issue Group Report, Business as Mission Think Tank.

Cora Alley, English


Cora Alley

Chair, English Department; Associate Professor of English; College of Arts and Sciences

  • Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Follow-up Activities for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Outreach International, San Diego, CA for Walt Disney Studios).
  • Alley, Steve and Cora. "Reflections" Columnists (Standard Publishing, Cincinnati, OH.)
  • Alley, Cora. God's Masterpiece...A portrait of the life that changed humanity. Visit An Easter passion play , with original music, performed by churches for community outreach.
  • Dramatist for Leonard Sweet's "Preachingplus" (internet sermon resource site for pastors & church leaders-hosted by GROUP Publishing. Loveland, Co.)
  • Alley, Steve and Cora. Children's Ministry Training Series. International Network of Children's Ministry. (INCM)Castle Rock, Co. (Presenter's curriculum for 100-city tour)
  • Alley, Cora A. INKspirations....Christian Drama That Follows You Home. (Children's Church Inc., Corona, CA.) Visit 130 pieces of dramatic literature for youth and adult sermon illustrations.
  • Alley, Steve & Cora, SKITuations (a skit curriculum for children's church) ( SKITuations is a children's worshop curriculum consisting of one hundred skits in fourteen theme-related volumes.
  • Alley, Steve and Cora, and Eastside Christian School. Biblical Choices for a New Generation. (Standard Publishing. Cincinnati, Ohio.) 1,000 -Lesson Christian School Curriculum.
  • Alley, Steve and Cora, and Nathan Reider. A Program of Children's Worship Through Creative Dramatics. (Children's Church Inc., Anaheim, CA.)
  • Alley, Steve, and Cora Alley. Creative Dramatics for Children's Church : Parables of Christ Series. Rev. ed., Standard Pub, 1979.
  • Alley, Steve, and Cora Alley. Creative Dramatics for Children's Church : Life After Christ Series. Rev. ed., Standard Pub, 1979.
  • Alley, Cora. Introduction to Literature. Pacific Christian College, 1981.
  • Alley, Cora. When your who becomes your what, then what? Hope International University, 1981.
  • Alley, Cora. Marriage and ministry: New student integration. Hope International University, 1988.
  • Alley, Cora. Ministry to children: Mark 10:13-16. Hope International University, 2009.
  • Alley, Cora. Drama Chapel. Hope International University, 2010.

Peace Amadi, Psychology

Peace Amadi

Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling