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Faculty Publications, Scholarship, and Academic Activity: J

A site devoted to listing all the faculty publications.

Jessica Journeay, College of Arts and Sciences

Jessica Journeay

Adjunct Associate Professor of Arts and Sciences

Steve Jung, Library


Steve Jung

Associate Director of Library Services, Associate Professor

Chapters / Entries

  • Jung, Steve. “Information Literacy Assignments for Biblical Studies.” Teaching the Bible with Undergraduates, edited by Jocelyn McWhirter and Sylvie Raquel, SBL Press, 2022.
  • Jung, Steve, Stacie Schmidt, Robin Hartman, and Alexis Weiss. “Maintaining Service while Sheltering in Place: How SCATLA Member Libraries Thrived Under the Country’s Most Stringent COVID Lockdown.” Summary of Proceedings, 75th ed, Atla, 2022.