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Psychology and Counseling Guide: Books & eBooks

Subject guide for the discipline of Psychology

Quick Catalog Search

A search of the Discovery Service on the library's home page will retrieve a list of items from libraries worldwide and in various formats (articles, books, eBooks, DVDs, etc.).

Books on Psychology in the Darling Library

Click on the links below to automatically search for books on these topics in the Darling Library.

Discovery Service Search Tips

A search of the Discovery Service (on the library's home page) will retrieve a list of items found in the HIU Darling Library as well as "Libraries Worldwide". Besides books, you will also find articles, videos, and sound recordings.

Search Tip 1: Use Advanced Search

This option allows you to combine a keyword search with a particular author, title, or subject. You can also use the dropdown buttons to search multiple keywords, multiple authors, etc.

Search Tip 2: Truncate

Use * or ? to truncate. For example, entering theolog* or theolog? finds theologian, theologica, theological, theologie, theology, etc.

Search Tip 3: Put Phrases in Quotation Marks

Use quotation marks to group multiple keywords into one key phrase. For example, to search for Christian theology, as opposed to Jewish or Islamic theology, use "Christian theology" as a key phrase.

Post-Search Tip: Use Filters

Filtering a search is a valuable part of your search strategy. Instead of starting with very narrow search criteria, and possibly missing related items, you may want to start as broadly as possible, and then limit the results in carefully designed steps.

You can filter searches by:

  • Held by Library (search just the HIU library)*
  • Format (Book, eBook, or Audiobook)
  • Publication Year
  • Language
  • And others ...

Borrowing Books and eBooks

Borrowing Books

You may check books out for 30 days. Learn more about circulation policies in the Handbook for Patrons.

Borrowing Books from a Distance

From online, you may put a book on hold for later pick up at the library as well as renew books you have checked out. But first, you must set up your library patron account. Watch this short video or read this FAQ to learn how.