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ENG1110 English Composition & Written Composition

An Introduction to the Research Process and Basic Information Literacy Skills

Why you need to cite sources

Using sources in an ethical (i.e. don't plagiarize) and legal (follow copyright law) manner is the responsible thing to do. You must cite your sources for a number of reasons. Watch the video below to find out more about these reasons then go play the Goblin Threat game below to test your ability to avoid plagiarism goblins!

Watch this video:

Goblin Threat Interactive Game

What is plagiarism? You know you aren't supposed to plagiarize, but sometimes the rules may be unclear. For instance, did you know that turning in a paper you created for another class is considered plagiarism? Have fun learning about plagiarism by playing Goblin Threat, a game created by Mary Broussard and Jessica Urich Oberlin of Snowden Library at Lycoming College. Full game credits here.

Play this game to test your knowledge: