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ENG1110 English Composition & Written Composition

An Introduction to the Research Process and Basic Information Literacy Skills

How to use this guide

This guide is an introduction to the research process and supports the Information Literacy component in the ENG1100 English Composition and ENG1110 Written Composition courses.

The content of this guide is sequential, with one concept building on the next, and reflects the research process. Please go through this guide in order (see the menu to the left). Some pages in this guide have subpages - start with the main page and then move along to the subpages.

The content of this guide should prepare students in ENG1100/ENG1110 for the Information Literacy quiz administered in these two courses.


Outcomes for students completing this sequential guide for Information Literacy and the Research Process. This is an introductory point for learning the research process and basic information literacy skills.

Understand the importance of a focused and well written topic statement or research question.

Identify keywords/phrases and synonyms from the topic statement or research question so that searches will be more relevant.

Identify and use appropriate resources and information seeking tools for the topic.

Critically evaluate the resources found in order to determine appropriateness for both topic and purpose (i.e. academic research paper, business presentation, personal car purchase, etc.).

Use information ethically and legally by understanding what plagiarism is and how to avoid it by citing sources.