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ENG1110 English Composition & Written Composition

An Introduction to the Research Process and Basic Information Literacy Skills

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What is the hardest part about research for you?

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Choosing a topic: 19 votes (22.09%)
Identifying words/phrases for my search: 3 votes (3.49%)
Finding credible sources: 9 votes (10.47%)
Writing an outline: 15 votes (17.44%)
Writing the actual paper/project: 30 votes (34.88%)
Citing sources: 10 votes (11.63%)
Total Votes: 86

Information Literacy & the Research Process

What is information literacy?

Information literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed and be able to locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information. This sounds easy, but with an over abundance of information it can be very challenging.

You will need information literacy skills during your academic studies in college, in the workplace, and in your personal life. This guide helps you learn how to put these skills into practice in an academic environment by learning about the Research Process. The research process is an effective way to locate information on a particular topic for a research paper, presentation, or other project.

Introduction to the Research Process

What is the research process?

The research process is a way to effectively locate information for a research paper, presentation, or other project. Because research is an ongoing and non-linear process, you will need to allow ample time to refine or change your topic and to have materials delivered from other libraries if needed.