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ENG1110 English Composition & Written Composition

An Introduction to the Research Process and Basic Information Literacy Skills

Introduction & Overview of Searching

Searching involves knowing your information need, what types of resources are available, what tools are used to find the information in these resources, and knowing techniques to help you refine your search.

  • Types of Resources - Books, Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, trade journals), Reference Resources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, maps, etc.)
  • Tools to Find Information - Library Catalogs, Research Databases, Internet Search Engines
  • Techniques to Refine the Search - Boolean Searches, Subject Heading Searches



But ... how do I know this?

The types of resources you use and the tools you use to find information will be determined by both your assignment requirements and by the kind of information you need.

Don't confuse resource type with information need!

Go to Information Needs & Resource Types to get started  >>



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