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Psychology and Counseling Guide: Quantitative and Qualitative Software

Subject guide for the discipline of Psychology

Quantitative and Qualitative Software

The University, nor the Library is advocating for any of the software mentioned below. This is simply a list of current software used in the production and analysis of quantitative and qualitative research. There are other options, but these are commonly used at other institutions by their doctoral students for their quantitative and qualitative needs.

If you do purchase or rent any of these software packages, be sure to register as a student. Most offer substantial discounts if you can verify your status as a student (grad or undergrad).

Quantitative Software

IBM's SPSS is available in the Darling Library's Information Commons, installed on the library's computers.


Microsoft's Excel is a part of the Microsoft 365 Suite of tools that come with being an enrolled student.


StataCorp's Stata is comprehensive statistical software.


Mplus is comprehensive statistical software.


SAS is comprehensive statistical software.


MathWork's MATLAB is a comprehensive statistical program

Qualitative Software