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Research Sources and How To Use Them

This guide goes over a number of our licensed resources and how to use them.

Why Connect to HIU?

Google Scholar alone can provide many free academics resources, but by connecting the results to Hope International University you will also find articles found in our subscription databases in the same search.

How to Connect

Here's how to connect Google Scholar with HIU resources:


1. Go to and click on the menu in the upper left corner.



2. Choose Settings.



3. Choose the Library Links and type "Hope International University" into the search bar then click the magnifying glass button.



4. A new "Find it @ the HIU Library" line should appear. Check the box next to HIU then click the Save button.



5. Now, when you perform a Google Scholar search, the links to HIU resources will appear with a link "Find it @ the HIU library" in the right-hand margin. Click on the link and login with your HIU email address to read the full text.