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Research Sources and How To Use Them

This guide goes over a number of our licensed resources and how to use them.

About EBSCOhost eBooks

Regular Use Restrictions

User licenses vary. Most of these eBooks may be used by one user at a time much like checking out a physical book from a library. The book is unavailable while another user has it checked out. 

Some are available to a maximum of 3 users at a time. Much like having 3 physical copies in the library.

eBooks purchased through EBSCO are owned perpetually by the Darling Library.

The majority of eBooks available on the EBSCO platform were purchased through the Association of Christian Libraries focusing on ministry and biblical studies titles. These subjects were not well represented in larger/broader subscription based collections which support a wider range of liberal studies to adequately support the HIU curriculum.

This is a growing collection which includes biblical commentaries and introductions required for exegetical studies.

Search in Discovery or go directly to the EBSCOhost interface to find these materials.

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