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Snezek Library Leadership Institute: About

Information about the CCCU Snezek Library Leadership Institute.

The Name

Originally, initiated as a seminar that was held at Taylor University for library directors in 2004, the institute was named for P. Paul Snezek to "recognize his specific contributions through mentoring and encouragement". P. Paul Snezek was the Associate Professor of Learning Resources at Wheaton College and had directly mentored five of seventeen CCCU library deans in attendance. (email from Dan Bowell to P. Paul Snezek, August 24, 2004)

The Snezek Institute, with select preparatory readings and multiple sessions on a variety of pertinent topics and issues, provides a forum for CCCU library directors and deans to engage in lively, informative, and stimulating conversation.

It provides a distinctive opportunity for the exchange of perspectives, ideas and experiences along the dynamic landscape of academic libraries and their role in scholarly communication and student learning.

The Snezek Library Leadership Institute for library directors/deans is held annually at one of its member institutions.

A hallmark of the Snezek Institute is its constructive collegial exchange and interpersonal encounters founded upon a common context of faith-based institutions and personal Christian commitment. 


Description of Snezek


Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of the current Chair, Past Chair, and the Incoming Chair and is responsible for strategic planning for the Institutes. 

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is made up of th Executive Team, the location host, a CCCU office representative and others involved in the implementation of the the upcoming event.

The Snezek Institute is not to be confused with the CCCU Council for Library Leadership which fosters the development of strong libraries and library leadership in the CCCU by promoting collaboration among library leaders, provosts and vice presidents of academic affairs, faculty and other stakeholders in the work of libraries.