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Bible Commentaries

A guide for choosing a Biblical commentary.


There are several types of biblical commentaries. This guide is intended to give a general overview of these common types and provide examples of each type found in the Darling Library.‚Äč

See the tabs to the left to see a page dedicated to each type of commentary with examples and links to those held in the Darling Library.

NOTE: Students should refer to their professors and course syllabus recommendations when choosing commentaries for class assignments.

How to find biblical commentaries in the Darling Library

There are actually many ways to go about finding commentaries held by the Darling Library.

  1. In any search, limit your findings to Hope International University (rather than Libraries Worldwide). Otherwise, you may find Biblical commentaries that are not in our library. However, if you do want to borrow a commentary that the HIU library does not own, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan.
  2. If you want an eBook, limit by Format.
  3. Search Index - Subject: Bible Commentaries
  4. For a specific book of the Bible, such as Jude, add Search Index - Title: Jude.