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Intercultural Studies Guide: Books & eBooks

A guide for intercultural studies.

Books & eBooks

Here you will find either specific titles, suggestions, or links to some of our eBook collections specifically about country studies.

Suggestions for Finding Material

The library is arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Some great places to look for intercultural studies, as related to religion is:

266 - the Dewey number for Missions - this includes missionary biographies - great historical views of some people groups
270s - the Dewey numbers for the History of Christianity - again, a look at how the Church has existed and interacted in locations
290s - the Dewey numbers for World Religions - works dealing with all non-Christian religions
300s (like 300-309) - The Dewey numbers for Social Sciences, Sociology, and Anthropology

List of eBook Databases dealing with Intercultural Studies