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Zotero is a research assistant, a research organizer, and a bibliographic tool.

Collaboration and Sharing

Zotero has a way in which you can collaborate on a research project and share the research material with other group members.

Zotero groups provide a powerful way to share collections with a class, work closely with colleagues on a project, keep track of conversations in your field more broadly, and keep tabs on what people at your institution or in your department are working on. There is no limit on how many members may join your groups, and your full storage subscription is always available to your personal and group libraries.

Group Libraries are separate from your personal My Library, so you can also use Zotero groups as a way to keep separate libraries within one Zotero profile.

  • Groups can be private or public.
  • Groups can have opened or closed membership.
  • For a class project, a private closed membership makes sense.