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Zotero is a research assistant, a research organizer, and a bibliographic tool.

Add a PDF (Portable Document File)

Ideally you download the PDF while in the Database. If so, use the instructions on that tab in this guide.

If you received the PDF as a email attachment, or had it before you installed Zotero, you can still move it into your library. In cases where you find yourself with a local PDF or other file on your computer — for example, if you received a file via email — you can drag it to Zotero, either onto an existing item to create a child attachment or between items to create a standalone attachment. You can also add an attachment to an existing item by clicking the paperclip button in the Zotero toolbar and selecting “Attach Stored Copy of File…” or “Attach Link to File…”, or you can add a standalone attachment by clicking the green plus sign () and choosing “Store Copy of File…” or “Link to File…”.

In all cases, verify and edit the metadata as needed.