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Copyright Guide

Guide to copyright issues for HIU faculty.

Hope International University Copyright Compliance Policy

Hope International University (HIU) respects the rights of copyright owners and seeks to comply fully with U.S. Copyright Law.

As an institution of higher education, Hope International University values academic inquiry and desires to encourage intellectual creativity by providing broad access to academic information while promoting respect for the intellectual property of others.

U.S. Copyright Law contains many gray areas. This Copyright LibGuide provides HIU administrators, faculty, librarians, students, employees, and others with a standard approach for addressing complex copyright issues as they relate to the use of copyright protected works in the classroom, library and course management system at HIU. The Copyright LibGuide provides a summary of U.S. Copyright Law, information on Fair Use, the TEACH Act and other copyright related matters. Copyright compliance at HIU is a distributed responsibility and those wanting to use copyright protected works should consult the Copyright LibGuide for information on obtaining copyright permissions. Other HIU copyright and intellectual property policies may complement this policy by providing guidance on copyright issues beyond materials used in the classroom, library and course management systems.

This policy points to practical advice and procedures on copyright related matters; however, it is not a substitute for legal advice, and proper legal advice should be obtained when necessary.

Review of Policy

This Policy will be reviewed yearly by the Copyright Task Force, and updated if necessary.

The HIU University Copyright Compliance Policy has been most recently updated on October 21, 2009.