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Patron Handbook: COVID-19 Protocols

Policies and general information about using the library.

COVID-19 Protocols

The Plan

Even though all instruction that is normally offered on campus will be in person in the Fall of 2021 (see the latest announcement on the HIU website), the Darling Library will continue to implement appropriate COVID-19 protocols to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

(last updated 7/30/2021)

MAIN (circulating)

Place a Hold to Check Out

Students will not be permitted to browse the book stacks, however, you may check out books and DVDs by placing them on Hold for later pick up.
Here's how:

Return and Check in

All books must be returned in the book drop outside of the library. Books will then be quarantined for five days before being re-shelved.

Interlibrary Loans

Students may request books from other libraries through the interlibrary loan (ILL) service. These may also be picked up from the Hold shelf and returned to the Book Drop outside.



  • Only HIU Students with a health screening wrist band and properly worn face covering may come in.
  • Students will need to show their HIU ID card when entering the library.
  • We will monitor the entrance and may call campus safety (x7333) to arrange for screening if necessary.


  • Designated one-way library entrance and exit.
  • Designated one-way up and down staircases
  • Stanchions to help guide indoor traffic.


  • Limited number of seats in controlled locations for physical distancing.


  • Library staff will be provided face shields and face masks.
  • Face mask will be worn at all times except when working alone in an office.
  • Face shields will be worn when working with the public.
  • All staff will be responsible for cleaning their own face masks and shields as needed.
  • Staff work area items to be regularly sanitized include desktops, office chairs, computers, monitors, mice, mousepads, keyboards, shared office telephones, and keys.
  • Sneeze guards will be installed at the two service desks.


  • Sanitize public areas including study tables, chairs, desktops and workstation dividers, computer monitors, computer mice, mousepads, keyboards, door handles, etc.
  • After closing, sanitize handrails, elevator control panels, water dispenser, printers, print release station, and photocopier.
  • Regularly check to make sure hand sanitizer dispensers are kept filled.
  • Monitor additional hand sanitizer dispensers distributed throughout the library.
  • Disinfect used pencils before placing them in a clean container.

Digitization Services

Fair Use guidelines are more relaxed during this unprecedented time. Therefore, the library staff may be able to scan portions of print books for you.

  • Faculty may request print items to be digitized for uploading to a course in Canvas.
  • Faculty and students may request portions of a book or journal article to be digitized and emailed to them.

Contact the library at (714) 879-3901, ex. 1234 or email [email protected]

General Library Plan


Book Quarantine

book drop

When a book is put into the book drop outside.

The library staff inside puts on gloves and pulls the book out of the bin and checks it in.

library staff retrieving book from bin

After check in, it is quarantined for five days before being returned to the book shelf.

 library staff putting book on quarantine cart