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Patron Handbook: Behavior Policies

Policies and general information about using the library.

General Behavior

All library employees, patrons, and visitors are expected to follow the same Community Standards & Codes of Conduct as outlined in the University's Student Handbook.

Library privileges, including entrance to the library, may be revoked for those who do not comply with University standards.

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Library Behavior Policies

Food and Drink
Food and drink are permitted in the library. However, we ask that there be no open food or drink containers at the Information Commons computer workstations and please clean up after yourself.

Cell Phones
Cell phones are permitted in the library. However, we ask that sound is turned off and, as with any other conversations, voices be kept low. Extended and loud conversations should be taken outside.

Unattended Belongings

The University assumes no responsibility or liability for personal property lost or stolen on the Library premises.

Library users and guests are urged not to leave personal property unattended in the Library. The Library staff reserves the right to move unattended personal items as needed.

Library staff will turn over unclaimed items to University Lost and Found.

Items found by Library users should be turned in to the Library's Circulation Desk on the Library's first floor.

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