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Faculty Library Guide: Books & eBooks

Guide to effectively using library resources and services at HIU.

Books & eBooks

How can I check out books?

An ID number and university email address is required to register as a patron to borrow books.

All professors will be assigned a University ID number by Human Resources during the hiring process and, in most cases, issued a University ID Card. Present your HIU ID card at the Circulation Desk to begin the process of creating a patron account.

If you do not have a HIU ID card you must present another form of picture ID so we can verify your employment in order to input you in the system.

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How long can I keep a library book?

Faculty may borrow books for up to a semester at a time. All books are due on the last day of every semester. 

Books may be renewed once online. (See the Logging In page for instructions.)

Faculty are not charged overdue fines. If you receive an automatic notification of an overdue fine, please let us know ASAP.

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Discovery Service Search Tips

A search of the Discovery Service (on the library's home page) will retrieve a list of items found in the HIU Darling Library as well as "Libraries Worldwide". Besides books, you will also find articles, videos, and sound recordings.

Search Tip 1: Use Advanced Search

This option allows you to combine a keyword search with a particular author, title, or subject. You can also use the dropdown buttons to search multiple keywords, multiple authors, etc.

Search Tip 2: Truncate

Use * or ? to truncate. For example, entering theolog* or theolog? finds theologian, theologica, theological, theologie, theology, etc.

Search Tip 3: Utilize keywords effectively

Use quotation marks to group multiple keywords into one key phrase. For example, to search for Christian theology, as opposed to Jewish or Islamic theology, use "Christian theology" as a key phrase.

Post-Search Tip: Use Filters

Filtering a search is a valuable part of your search strategy. Instead of starting with very narrow search criteria, and possibly missing related items, you may want to start as broadly as possible, and then limit the results in carefully designed steps.

You can filter searches by:

  • Held by Library (search just the HIU library)*
  • Format (Book, eBook, or Audiobook)
  • Publication Year
  • Language
  • And others ...

Donating Books

The library does take donations but the majority of the books received are sent to Better World Books to sell on consignment rather than retained for the collection.

How can I report a problem?

If you find a book that is damaged or is shelved inappropriately, please bring it to he attention of the library staff with your name and date so we may follow up with any questions.

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What if a book is lost or missing?

If you have lost or misplaced a library book, please let us know as soon as possible. We will make a note on the item record that it is "missing" until it is (hopefully) returned or replaced.

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Recommending Books

Full-time faculty may make recommendations for library acquisitions. Part-time faculty should make recommendations through their department chair. Please check to see if we have the book before asking us to make a purchase;

Suggest New Materials

Build the collection to advance Hope International University learning and research activities. Use the online Acquisitions Request Form.

How can I put books on Reserve for my classes?

See the Reserves tab in this Faculty Orientation Guide.

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