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Technology in the Classroom: Polling

Guide to using educational technology on ground and in online teaching for HIU faculty.

Polling Tools

The following tools can be used for online survey, poll, and quiz development. Some require mobile devices for participation - others are simply web-based, requiring participants to access them via the Internet. Classroom application would include pop quizzes, brainstorming, etc.

  • MicroPoll
    MicroPoll allows users to create polls (lots of options for customization), and then provides several tools for analysis. Polls can be embedded or users can simply provide links to polls. 
    Pricing Info:
    For individuals, MicroPoll is free. There is also customized pricing information for "enterprises."
    MicroPoll Examples

  • Poll Everywhere
    Poll Everywhere is a tool that allows users to poll audiences live via text messaging. Poll responses are displayed via Keynote, PowerPoint, or the Web. This is an alternative to proprietary technology such as Turning Technologies clickers.
    Pricing Info:
    There are six levels, including a basic, free one. Pricing levels are based on the size of the audience and the number of features.
    Poll Everywhere Demo Video

  • Polldaddy
    Polldaddy is a tool that allows users to create online polls, surveys, and quizzes. Linking and embedding are available. 
    Pricing Info:
    For individuals, there are two levels  - free, and $200/year. There is also a 10-user level at $899/year and an 'Enterprise' level that requires a custom quote.
    Polldaddy Features
    Polldaddy for iPhone and iPad (free)

  • TextTheMob
    TextTheMob is polling software that collects responses via text messaging. Poll answers and message board responses can be displayed in real time. 
    Pricing Info:
    For individuals, there are three levels with increasing numbers of features - free$5/month, and $15/month. Audience size can only be up to 500 on the $15/month level.
    TextTheMob Video

  • Wallwisher
    Wallwisher isn't really polling software per se, but can be used to gather responses to particular questions. Responses can include links, videos, and images. This could easily be used for collabortion.
    Pricing Info:
    Wallwisher Examples